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Power supply "LYD" brand service commitment

Power supply "LYD" brand service commitment


"LYD" brand power supply adopts "one-year replacement, two-year warranty" after-sales service policy.Specific rules are as follows :

1. One-year replacement : Within 12 months after the power supply is sold to the customer, non-human quality problems occur and the product can be replaced for free.

2. Two years warranty: the power supply is sold to the customer for 12 months to 24 months, and it appears in the non-human quality problem. The company provides free maintenance service, and the customer only needs to bear the logistics cost.

3. Exceeding the warranty period : For "LYD" brand power supply exceeding two years of warranty period, if the customer requires repair, Lianyunda will provide free maintenance service. The customer only needs to bear the cost of logistics, raw materials and spare parts.

4. Warranty Period Determination : When the "LYD" brand power supply is shipped from the factory, the date of manufacture is printed on the product sticker so that the customer can accurately calculate the warranty period and determine whether the product is within the warranty period. Lianyunda Technical Department issued test reports and handling opinions within 3 working days after receiving the "LYD" brand power supply requiring maintenance.


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