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Power adapter, Break the fast charger's lie

Power adapter, Break the fast charger's lie


      Many high-speed chargers now claim that their devices will be able to recharge their batteries in a matter of minutes. So is this real? That's true, but what we should know is that in actual use we will find that all the voltages are virtual. It is because of this that once we have used it for a period of time, we will be able to find out the problem clearly, which is that the electromagnetic of this charger is completely unable to be used for a long time. It is clear that this high-speed charger is a lie, and we are now talking about how this seemingly magical device is implemented.

Advantages and disadvantages of large current charging.

      Now we use on the device of the power adapter is 5Vdc 2A power adapter, the so-called 2A, that is, its current can provide 2A, but if we are for a small amount of the equipment was improved, the device can provide a larger current, and the current is not a lot of changes with the change of the load. According to such a principle, we can produce a large current is the charger, the charger in the actual work will inspire for our battery internal channel, forming a large amount of current. It's true that some of the electricity is stored in the battery, but when we use it, the battery continues to work, which is a quick loss. In fact, this is why we can see that the charger can be charged quickly.

Similar charger to battery damage

      Although say now all sorts of new energy is in constant development, but in small devices on a lot of batteries or chemical battery, this chemical battery is dependent on the internal elements of active work, and once we make a lot of electric current through the part which is the cause of which the change of the chemical element, which is part will directly lead to the inside of the battery failure element. In the long run, a battery can be scrapped.

     On the basis of fully understanding the power adapter, we can analyze the device and analyze it to understand what the so-called high-speed charger is. So this is a big trick. We must not be deceived as consumers.

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